Stationary supply

Bone Paper Clips Pack of 6
  • Bone Paper Clips Pack.
  • Comes in a group of 6 colors same as the pictures. 
  • Can be used to hold papers and organize your work 

Dental paper clip pack of 6

Tooth Paper Clips Pack of 6 colors come together same as pictures

The Band-aid Sticky Note

The Band-aid Sticky Note, comes in 3 size together

  • Size: 10*40 mm
  • Size: 20*70 mm
  • size: 40*70mm
  • sheets : 20 sheets from each size
Calculator Clip
  • Standard calculator functions
  • Heavy plastic construction 
  • Magnet to secure to any metal surface
  • Batteries included, auto shut off after 6 minutes

Add a calculator clip to your clipboard to do all your calculations. This mini calculator will clip on to your clipboard or can be used as a magnet wall clip to secure your documents. Calculator clip comes standard with a clip, magnet and batteries.