Medical Zone is a website specialized in providing services targeted towards medical field professionals. It has a MZ Store , Book Store and an interactive blog

Medical Zone From Doctors To Doctors

Our Vision:

To Create a specialized leading platform for Healthcare professionals to enhance communication and exchange of knowledge. Empowering the lifestyle of the Healthcare community as a collective, making it more accessible by sharing one’s experiences and valuable lessons in a comfortable and enjoyable environment.

Our mission:

  • To be a leading organization in medical field
  •  Connect between healthcare professionals all over the world while making the communication between them easier and faster.
  • Facilitate the experience of studying medicine.
  • Reinforce the humanity and volunteering aspects in medical field.
  • To become a reliable source for medical workers.
  • To shed light on the creative side of the medical field.
  • To make Medical Zone a one stop shop for individuals in the medical field.
  • To become the number one store for medical professionals where they can find everything in one place along with high quick services in providing, responding and delivering.
  • Our intentions are moving along parallel to the vision the 2030 vision of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia where it is aiming to empower The medical field from all aspects.

MZ Blog

MZ blog supports healthcare professionals through posts on topics that matter to them and their careers. The posts will be written by doctors and medical student who have the passion and desire to share their experiences and knowledge. MZ Blog includes subjects such as continuing education, workplace guidance, general advice, personal experiences and more subjects in relating to the life in the medical field.

MZ Book Store

MZ Book Store is specialized in medical textbooks. Our goal is to facilitate studying medicine, making it more accessible and more enjoyable.

MZ Store

Because of how busy life can be for health care professionals, MZ Store provides products that will help them organize their lives, establish a career and have some fun along on the way.